Strategic Plan

Last Updated on February 14, 2023

Strategic Plan sets ambitions for us to achieve our strategic objectives that contribute towards ensuring availability of quality assured, safe and effective Therapeutic Goods (TGs) in Pakistan. We are committed to maximize opportunities of treatment for patients for the people of Pakistan.

Our Strategic planning is based our vision of enhancing Access to Medicine for all by contributing to advancement in the health care regulations in Pakistan

Strategic Plan 2022-2025

The Strategic Planning of DRAP for the Year 2022-2025 is focused on following four areas where prioritized activities are identified under each strategic goal.

Goal 1: Optimized Regulatory System

-> Strengthening of Pharmacovigilance
-> Monitoring of Antimicrobial Consumption (AMC)
-> International Accreditations
-> Effective regulation of therapeutic goods

Goal 2: Better Informed Users

-> Safe and Rational use of therapeutic goods
-> Prompt communication with public
-> Improve public awareness
-> Involvement of all stakeholders

Goal 3: Access to Health Products by All

-> Addressing shortages
-> Early access to new treatments
-> Integrity of supply chain
-> MRPs regulation

Goal 4: Strengthening Internal Capabilities

-> Capacity building
-> Automation of Quality Management System (QMS)
-> Financial self-sufficiency
-> Strengthening infrastructure

Here is the complete Strategic Plan 2022-2025

DRAP’s Core Values

Evidence based Decision Making

Collaboration and Harmonization

Regulatory Reliance

Continuous Improvement

Transparency and Visibility


“IIt is the first time that DRAP has outlined its strategic plan based on the necessary improvements that regulatory framework requires at this time. This document will allow us to move quickly towards establishing an agile regulatory system to protect the citizens of Pakistan from spurious and sub-standard therapeutic goods”

Asim Rauf, CEO DRAP