Facilitation Desk

Last Updated on March 27, 2024

Welcome to Facilitation Desk at DRAP

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) is pleased to announce the establishment of a ‘Facilitation Desk’ at its headquarters in Islamabad. The Facilitation Desk is aimed at enhancing coordination and providing essential information and guidance to potential manufacturers and importers of therapeutic goods regarding DRAP procedures.

The Facilitation Desk is providing assistance to new or existing manufacturer or importer of drugs, medical devices, biological products, the Facilitation Desk can help you navigate the regulatory processes and requirements.

The Facilitation Desk can be reached at following:-:

Contact at:
Email: facilitationdeskdra.gov.pk
(Monday to Friday)

The Facilitation Desk offers the following services:

Information Dissemination

The Facilitation Desk provides updated information regarding the incentives extended by the Government of Pakistan and DRAP to the pharmaceutical industry. You can learn about the various policies, initiatives, and schemes that are designed to promote the development and growth of the pharmaceutical sector in Pakistan.

Centralized Information Hub

The Facilitation Desk acts as a centralized hub for providing comprehensive information on the regulatory processes and documentation. You can access the latest rules, SROs, guidelines, forms, application procedures, fees, and other relevant regulatory information from the Facilitation Desk.

Guidance for Manufacturers and Importers

The Facilitation Desk provides guidance to new manufacturers and importers on the regulatory processes and requirements. You can get assistance in the submission of applications for establishing manufacturing units, registering or enlisting therapeutic goods, obtaining GMP certificates, and other regulatory documentation. You can also get guidance on the processes related to clinical trial licenses, registration, pharmacovigilance, advertising requirements, and other associated functions.

Stakeholder Coordination

The Facilitation Desk coordinates with stakeholders, particularly manufacturers and importers, for effective complaint resolution and industry consultations. You can contact the Facilitation Desk to report any industry-related complaints or concerns and get them resolved in a timely manner. You can also participate in industry consultations on issues related to applications and regulatory processes and provide your feedback and suggestions.

Feel free to reach out to the Facilitation Desk for any assistance, collaboration opportunities, or to discuss regulatory best practices.