Quality Control Labs

Last Updated on May 5, 2023

For ensuring quality therapeutic goods, a network of quality control laboratories has been established. DRAP approved products and suspect therapeutic goods are tested for their quality in accordance with best international practices. To keep the citizens safe from substandard and falsified products, these laboratories perform various tests and inform DRAP and provincial governments about results of those tests so that any necessary action if so required may be taken immediately. These laboratories play important role in differentiating falsified therapeutic goods from the ones that have been approved by DRAP. Also, regular quality testing of approved therapeutic goods ensures that intended quality parameters in a therapeutic goods, on basis of which those were given regulatory approval, have been met.

DRAP’s Quality Control Laboratories

DRAP’s quality control laboratories act as National Quality Control Laboratories for pharmaceutical and biological drugs. There are two laboratories, each specified for respective category of drugs.

National Control Laboratory for Biologicals (NCLB), Islamabad

National Control Laboratory for Biologicals (NCLB) is a specialized laboratory located in Islamabad that is mandated to monitor the quality of biological drugs which are either locally produced or imported. All biologicals, vaccines and blood products derived from human or animal blood are tested in this laboratory.

Central Drug Laboratory (CDL), Karachi

CDL is an ISO certified laboratory for chemical analysis and microbiological testing of pharmaceutical drugs. It is situated in Karachi and has been fully equipped to test quality of drugs.

Provincial Quality Control Laboratories

Each province is responsible to regulate sale, storage and distribution of drugs in accordance with their respective Drug Sales Rules. In order to effectively perform this duty, provinces have established their own quality control laboratories that participate in testing of approved or suspect drugs as and when required. Following quality control laboratories are actively working in provinces: