Clinical Trials Registry

Last Updated on May 7, 2023

Division of Pharmacy Services, DRAP, under Rule 20 of the Bio-Study Rules 2017 maintains a clinical trial registry for approved clinical trials involving human subjects being conducted in Pakistan.

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan has recently adapted U.S. National Trial Registry as an international registry for all clinical trial approved by the Clinical Studies Committee, DRAP.

  • Principal Investigators / Responsible parties (Sponsors) nominate a focal person from their organizations, to open & maintain PRS (Protocol Registration & Results System) account.
  • All Principal Investigators / Responsible parties (Sponsors) will enlist their approved Clinical Trials on U.S. National Trial Registry and after getting “NCT” identifier number will inform to Division of Pharmacy Services-DRAP.
  • NCT Number: The National Clinical Trial number is an identification that assigns a study when it is registered. The NCT number is in the format “NCTXXXXXXXX”. Until an NCT number is assigned, the study is not registered on the U.S. National Trial registry.

Clinical Trials Subject Registry

A verifiable record of the clinical trial participants or subjects be maintained to stop duplicate enrolment and also to improve both patient safety and preserve data integrity of clinical trials. The subject identification shall be a closed information from the investigator, directly submitted to the DRAP.