Information and Transparency

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan in its mission to foster scientific excellence and enhance accessibility and availability of safe, efficacious, and quality therapeutic goods, endeavors to achieve excellence as a scientific regulatory organization, meeting international standards and best practices through effective management of regulation, compliance, and enforcement.   

DRAP intends to maintain highest professional standards of integrity, honesty, impartiality, and independence for establishing a transparent regulatory framework for conduction of all regulatory functions as entrusted under Section 7 of DRAP Act 2012. DRAP aims at having no potential conflict of interest in performance of its roles, responsibilities and execution of its procedures.

Professionalism in dealings and work place ethics are given utmost importance for upholding a professional environment and an efficiently functioning organization. These practices support the integrity of the decisions made by the Authority and also develop public confidence in the transparency of the Authority’s processes. It is essential that the basic principles regarding the code of conduct and confidentiality of interest are followed harmoniously in all the offices of DRAP.

Relevant Document:

Guideline on Code of Conduct and Conflict of interest

This document is applicable to all the officers / officials of DRAP to explain the general provisions of conduct and interaction need to be followed while performing their professional duties at work as well as operating outside their offices and also sets out the practice for members of the Board, Committees, Experts, Consultants, Advisors, officials, trainers, internees and interims etc.