Registration Board

Last Updated on May 4, 2023

Registration Board is established by the Federal Government under the Drugs Act 1976 and the Drug (Licensing, Registering and Advertising) Rules, 1976, as amended. The Registration Board is responsible for grant of registration to the drugs and biological product for human and veterinary use, and advises the Authority in matters pertaining to quality, safety and efficacy of drugs and biological products.

The composition of Registration Board include members from DRAP, provincial government’s’ health departments, law specialists, and others medical and pharmaceutical experts from public and private institutions. The representatives of pharma industry also participated as observers in the meetings of the Registration Board.

 1Director PE&REx-officio Chairman
 2Additional Director PE&RSecretary/Member
 3Representatives of Biological Evaluation ResearchEx-Officio Member
 4Representatives of Medical DevicesEx-Officio Member
 5Representatives of Quality Assurance & Laboratory Testing DivisionEx-Officio Member
 6Director Drug Testing Laboratories PunjabEx-Officio Member
 7Director Drug Testing Laboratories SindhEx-Officio Member
 8Director Drug Testing Laboratories Khyber PakhtunkhwaEx-Officio Member
 9Director Drug Testing Laboratories BaluchistanEx-Officio Member
 10Representative of Intellectual Proprietary Organization, PakistanEx-Officio Member
 11Law expert, Ministry of Law & JusticeEx-Officio Member
 14Expert in Biological DrugsMember
 15Expert in Drug ManufacturingMember
 16Expert in Hospital PharmacyMember
 17Expert in Veterinary MedicinesMember
 18Expert in BiologicalsMember
 19Expert in PharmacologyMember
 20Expert in Hospital PharmacyMember
 21Representatives of Pharma Bureau, Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacture’s Association, Pakistan Chemist & Druggist Association, Consumer AssociationObservers