CEO’s Message

Last Updated on February 23, 2022

“DRAP is on way to become a world class regulatory body at par with international best practices”

— Asim Rauf
Mr. Asim Rauf

DRAP was established in 2012 enacted under DRAP ACT, 2012. The Authority is mandated for effective coordination and enforcement of the Drugs Act, 1976 and to regulate, manufacture, import, export, storage, distribution and sale of therapeutic goods in the country.

Medicines are an indispensable component of healthcare system of a country and access to essential medicines in the basic right of all human beings. As a national regulatory body, DRAP ensures access of safe, quality and efficacious therapeutic goods at reasonable prices in the country. Earliest availability of new treatment opportunities for the people of Pakistan in accordance with international practices of safety, quality and efficacy, is the key responsibility of state. It is envisioned that DRAP is on the way to become a world class regulatory organization at par with international standards and best practices, through effective management strategies for implementation of regulations and their enforcement throughout the country.

DRAP is adopting the globally harmonized scientific standards for the evaluation, registration and monitoring of safety, quality and efficacy of therapeutic goods. The harmonization of regulatory standards will improve the acceptance of products in international markets, enhance product’s quality and will ultimately promote the public health.

DRAP believes in transparent and accountable management of its function as mandated by DRAP Act 2012. I am confident that DRAP will continue to effectively play its vital role in regulations of therapeutic goods and enforcement of drug laws in the country, keeping in view the best public interest for the people of Pakistan and globally.