National Pharmacovigilance Cell (NPC), DRAP released draft Guidelines on National Pharmacovigilance System (Edition 02) seeking comments from stakeholders

DRAP has established the National Pharmacovigilance Centre (NPC), under the Division of Pharmacy Services, DRAP, Islamabad, to monitor the safety of therapeutic goods across the country. NPC is working with National and International coordination for the development of a functional Pharmacovigilance system in the country. Since 2018, Pakistan is the Full member of the World Health Organization Programme for International Drug Monitoring (WHO-PIDM), Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC), Sweden.

The NPC has developed multi channel reporting system, including electronic and manual reporting forms supported with the guidelines that are available through the official website for stakeholders. With the promulgation of Pharmacovigilance Rules, 2022, it is now the legal obligation of all pharmacovigilance stakeholders to establish their system and report the pharmacovigilance data to NPC.

The 1st Edition of National Pharmacovigilance Guidelines were published in October, 2019. This is the draft for 2nd Edition of National Pharmacovigilance Guidelines, being revised in the light of recently enacted Pharmacovigilance Rules, 2022. This Guidance document is intended to assist all pharmacovigilance stakeholders i.e. Healthcare professionals, Marketing Authorization Holders, Healthcare providing institutes, Patients and caregivers, etc., in playing their roles and responsibilities in the national pharmacovigilance system. The WHO Pharmacovigilance indicators have been incorporated in the chapter 11 of the draft 2nd edition to harmonize the procedure performance evaluation with international standards.

These guidelines are uploaded on the official website of DRAP on 24th of August, 2022 for seeking comments and suggestions from stakeholders on the draft document. Stakeholders can submit their comments and suggestions within 15 days of uploading this document using prescribed format. For further guidelines on how to submit comments visit DRAP website or click here. Comments and suggestions can be forwarded via email to, or can be posted at mailing address, Director, Division of Pharmacy Services, Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, 3rd floor TF Complex, 7th Mauve Area, G-9/4, Islamabad.

Please click here to view the draft document National Pharmacovigilance Guidelines 2022