How to Submit Comments

Last Updated on July 20, 2022

Stakeholders and public can submit their comments on the proposed rules or draft guidelines published on the website. we encourage stakeholders to submit input on the new or revised documents listed currently on the Open Consultation section on our website. Anyone from public and stakeholders can submit written comments on the draft rules and guidelines to the DRAP.

Steps to submit Comments

  • Navigate to Open Consultation page of website under Publication << Public Consultation section to access the list of draft documents currently published for seeking comments of stakeholders. Click / tap on the view draft button to open/download the draft document.
  • Download the Table for Comments and fill out the following contents:
    • State the name / title of draft document including document number and edition or version number.
    • Write your name, designation, institution and contact details.
    • Fill the core table by incorporating contents in each column of table including reference to the section of draft, line no / page no, existing and proposed text with a reason for recommended changes. Please insert additional rows in the table if required.
    • For general comments on the draft, please use the designated section of table.
    • Send the filled comments table through email or hard copy to the concerned Officer / Division of DRAP on the contact addresses provided at the end of draft document and /or in the announcement post on the website.

Please note that DRAP may distribute comments and feedback received on the draft documents (including any personal information and contact information) on an internal or external platform, or may post it on its website. By providing comments / feedback, you consent to its use and consideration by DRAP.

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