Rapid Alert: Busting of Illegal Manufacturing Site producing Unregistered Boostin (RBST) Injections

Rapid Alert

DRAP Alert NoNo I/S/05-24-25
Action Date10th June 2024
Target Audience·         National Regulatory Field Force.
·         Distribution, Pharmacies and Medical Stores
·         Healthcare Professionals – Veterinarians, Chemists
·         Farmers/Consumers 
Problem StatementDuring a joint raid by DRAP and FIA, illegal manufacturing of Boostin Injections (Synthetic Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin Hormone) was unearthed at Chandio Village, Clifton, Karachi. A large quantity of raw materials used in the manufacturing of Boostin Plus 2g Injections, finished goods, empty cartridges/containers with needles, packing materials/stickers, and packing machinery were seized from the premises as per Form-2 under Section 18(1) of the Drug Act 1976.
Threat to Public HealthRBST (a synthetic recombinant Bovine Somatotropin hormone) injected into animals for enhancing their milk production was banned in the country due to serious side effects on health of animals and impact on those consuming milk and meat of such animals. The product is also banned in Europe, Canada, Australia etc.
Action InitiatedThe Regulatory Field Force has been directed to increase the surveillance activities in markets to confiscate the product. All Pharmacists and chemists working at distributions and Pharmacies should immediately check the stock and stop supplying this product. The stock should be quarantine immediately, and supplier(s) information should be provided to the Regulatory field force in order to ensure the removal of this products. Regulatory action will be taken against the persons involved in manufacturing/ storage /distribution/sale and use of this product.
Advice for VeterinarianDRAP requests increased vigilance within the supply chains of institutions/pharmacies/healthcare facilities likely to be affected by this product. Further information of reporting problems to DRAP is available on this link
Advice for Farmers/ConsumerFarmers/Consumers should not use this product. They shall contact their physician or healthcare provider(s) if the animal experienced any problem that may be related to using this product.

All therapeutic goods must be obtained from licensed pharmacies and other authorized/licensed retail outlets. The authenticity and condition of products should be carefully checked. Seek advice from your pharmacists or other healthcare professionals in case of any doubt.