Therapeutic Products Recalls

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

The Recalled Product Index provides access to consumers, healthcare professionals, industry, hospitals and sale outlets related to the information of recalled action taken for defective therapeutic goods.

The following section provides an index of recalled actions in which a public notification has been issued. Please click on the product details to view the recall alert notification.

Recall Action DateProduct Name Product Description / DetailsProduct CategoryRecall ClassificationLevel of Recall
02-August-2022Phenerzine ElixirPhenerzine ElixirDrugsClass IIRetail
28-July-2022Faasgablin CapsulesFaasgablin CapsulesDrugsClass IIRetail
14-June-2022Water for Injection (Vision)Water for InjectionDrugsClass IRetail
18-May-2022Meronem 1g InjectionMeropenem DrugsClass IRetail
07-Apr-2022Water for Injection (Zafa)Water for InjectionDrugsClass IRetail
07-Apr-2022Flagynase SuspensionMetronidazoleDrugsClass IIRetail
18-Mar-2022Water for InjectionWater for InjectionDrugsClass IRetail
15-Mar-20220.9% Sodium Chloride InfusionSodium Chloride 0.9%DrugsClass IRetail
17-Feb-2022Disprin TabletsAcetylsalicylic acidDrugsClass IIRetail
14-Feb-2022Dex-Neo CreamDexamethasone PhosphateDrugsClass IIRetail
09-Feb-2022Cefim SuspensionCefiximeDrugsClass IIRetail
08-Feb-2022Water for Injection (Amros)Water for InjectionDrugsClass IRetail
07-Feb-2022Cozol SuspensionTrimethoprim & SulphhamethoxazoleDrugsClass IIRetail
07-Feb-2022Meronem InjectionMeropenemDrugsClass IRetail
07-Feb-2022Pantolon TabletsPantoprazoleDrugsClass IIRetail
Dextrose 25% InfDextroseDrugsClass IRetail
Paediatric Oral
ParacetamolDrugsClass IIRetail
06-Dec-2021Zatranex InjTranexamic acidDrugsClass IRetail