Reporting Adverse Events

Last Updated on June 10, 2024

National Pharmacovigilance Centre, DRAP collects reports of suspected Adverse Events associated with the use of therapeutic products. Anyone can report a suspected adverse events.

DRAP has enabled both electronic and manual systems for collection of reports of suspected adverse events:-

Med Vigilance E Reporting
An online Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) reporting platform available in both English and Urdu languages.

VigiMobile Application
A user-friendly application is available for installation in Android, iPhone and Desktop systems.
Click to download instructions.

Scan the QR Code to install VigiMobile App

Following ways can be used to report a suspected adverse events:-

  • Ask your healthcare professional (Physicians, Pharmacists and Nurses), to report a side effect or adverse reaction.
  • Report Your Side Effect or Adverse Reaction by Yourself to National Pharmacovigilance Centre through Med Vigilance System of DRAP
  • Download and fill out a yellow reporting form and send to National Pharmacovigilance Centre of DRAP through email at or at postal address.

For further information about who can report ADRs and how to report suspected Adverse Events to DRAP, please navigate to How to Report ADRs to DRAP