National Pharmacovigilance Centre, DRAP issued draft guidelines on promoting Pharmacovigilance activities in Public Health Programs (PHPs).

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) aims at providing a holistic system of Pharmacovigilance in the country. Public Health Programs are key stakeholders involved in the reporting, assessment and risk communication of various un-wanted effects arising after the use of drugs, vaccines and other therapeutic goods. Reporting of Adverse Events associated with the use of therapeutic goods exclusively being used by PHPs is essential to a pharmacovigilance system.

The key objectives of pharmacovigilance activities in public health programs are:-

  1. To improve public health and safety in relation to the use of therapeutic goods in PHPs;
  2. To detect problems related to the use of therapeutic goods and associated risk communication in a timely manner
  3. To encourage the safe, rational and more effective use of therapeutic goods.

This guideline will assist the Public Health Programs (PHPs) for enhancement of pharmacovigilance activities, and provide a guidance on communication channels among PHPs and Pharmacovigilance Centres for collaborative working to synergize activities within the National Pharmacovigilance system of Pakistan.

Stakeholders can submit their comments and suggestions with 15 days of uploading of this document using prescribed format to submit comments (link to access table of comments), and forward via email to, copying at, or can post at mailing address, Director, Pharmacy Services, 3rd floor TF Complex, 7th Mauve Area, G-9/4, Islamabad.

Please click here to view draft guidance document GUIDELINES ON PHARMACOVIGILANCE FOR PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAMMES

DRAP issues guidelines on Good Pharmacovigilance Practices for Product Registration Holders

Registration holders are stakeholders of pharmacovigilance who have valid registration of therapeutic goods. There are also legal obligations on registration holders to monitor the safety of therapeutic goods. Therefore, there is a need that they should have basic knowledge and understanding of pharmacovigilance activities to fulfil their legal obligations. The purpose of this guidance document is to provide a basic framework for the implementation of the pharmacovigilance programme of Pakistan and to ensure that registration holders are better equipped to monitor the safety of therapeutic goods and to detect, assess, understand, prevent and investigate ADRs/ AE and AEFI reports.

This guidelines intended to assist registration holders:

a. To develop a pharmacovigilance system and monitor the safety of therapeutic goods registered in their name;
b. Collect pharmacovigilance data, perform its assessment and accordingly submit to National Pharmacovigilance Centre (NPC), DRAP;
c. Cooperate with NPC in the performance of pharmacovigilance inspection;
d. Preparation and submission of periodic safety reports and risk management plan;
e. Design and conduct post-authorization safety studies; and
f. Detect, validate and assess signals and accordingly communicate to NPC and other stakeholders and considers options for risk minimization.

Click Here to access the guidelines.

DRAP launched Online Import Export System (OIES) to regulate import and export of therapeutics goods across the country.

DRAP launched Online Import Export System (OIES) to regulate import and export of therapeutics goods across the country.

In line with the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan, and to facilitate the therapeutic goods’ industry for ease of business and provision of conducive environment for compliance to regulatory requirement, Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has introduced an electronic application management system which will enable applicants and regulators to communicate electronically for management of import and export information of therapeutic goods. Online Import / Export Application System (OIES) is accessible through the official website of DRAP under E-Services. A guidance document on operational features of the online Import / Export Application System is also available to assist applicants for submission of information. This system will also enable applicants to view / maintain all submissions related to import & export to DRAP through an individualized dashboard for each user.