Updated Database of Pharmaceutical and Biological Drug Product

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has updated the database of pharmaceutical and biological drug products. This database is available for public access through DRAP Website and contain information on the drugs registered by the DRAP including the Name of Product (brand/proprietary name), Dosage Form, Composition / Active ingredients, Registration Number, Registration Date, Market Authorization holder and Manufacturing company.

The publicly accessible version of this database is for reference purposes only and is subject to a disclaimer. It provides information on the registered pharmaceutical and biological drug products that can be supplied through authorized establishments (pharmacies/retail outlets or healthcare institutions) in Pakistan.

Note: This database reflects the record of the contents available with the respective Divisions of DRAP. It is not intended to provide any guidance, advice or recommendations on these products.

Unless exempted through special permissions, any pharmaceutical or biological products that is not registered with DRAP cannot be imported or supplied in Pakistan.

For Market Authorization Holders:-

DRAP has transformed manual operation to PIRIMs, marketing authorization holders of pharmaceutical and biological drug products are requested to review and update their finished products Specifications. In this context, a notice was issued and uploaded on the website of DRAP on 13th March, 2023 and 20th April, 2023 (link), with the direction to all Registration Holders of pharmaceutical and Biological drug products to update finished products Specifications. The requisite information must be provided before 09th June, 2023.