Import of Short Shelf Life Material(s)/Product(s).

I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that the “Recommendatory Committee to Recommend Import of Short Shelf-life Drugs” in its 50th Meeting held on 18th October, 2021 decided to issue the following Advisory: –

  1. The Manufacturers/Importers be advised to apply for pre-import permission for their import consignments with Short Shelf Life. Post import cases will be considered in very exceptional circumstances of Force Majeure.
  2. The Committee further advised to charge ‘Miscellaneous Fee’ (for each Batch of Short Shelf Life Material / Product being imported) for all cases recommended after May 2021.

2. The above recommendations of the committee have been approved by the Competent Authority i.e. CEO, DRAP and the same are being communicated for compliance in true letter and spirit. please.