DRAP finalized the 2nd Edition of Guidelines on Post-Registration Variation of Drug Products

DRAP has finalized the second edition of its guidelines on procedure and data requirement for post registration variation of drugs. Registration / Marketing Authorization holders are responsible for the safety, efficacy, and quality of drug products that are placed on the market throughout their approved life cycle.

This guidelines are intended to provide information for submission of post-registration variation application by the registrations / marketing authorization holders of drug products. It includes categories of variations and the required documentation & procedures for submission of an application for a particular variation.

These Guidelines will assist both Regulators and Industry on the regulation of variation / changes to the original registrations / Market Authorization of products in terms of procedures and criteria for the appropriate categorization, reporting of changes and subsequent approval as required. Data requirements are listed out to evaluate the impact of the proposed / intended change on the quality, safety and efficacy of the locally manufactured / imported finished pharmaceutical and biological drug products intended for human and veterinary use.

These guidelines are intended to provide supportive information for submission of post registration variation application by the registrations / marketing authorization holders of the finished drug products to implement a change. The draft guidelines were uploaded on the website in July 2023 seeking comments of stakeholders on the contents of document.

The Guidelines have been finalized keeping in view the comments and suggestions of the Stakeholders. Please navigate to the Publications on the DRAP website for latest guidelines by DRAP.