DRAP finalizes Guidelines on the Preparation of Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC)

The Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) are the basic information for healthcare professionals on the use of drug products to ensure safety, efficacy and quality, and also provides a basis for preparation of the Patient Information Leaflet (PiL). SmPC describes the set of characteristics of a drug product as determined through the assessment process during registration of a drug product.

SmPC guidelines are intended to provide supportive information for preparation of Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) for registration / market authorization of pharmaceutical and biological products of all types including New drug products, Generic drug products and Biosimilars.

Rule 26 of the Drugs (Licensing, Registering & Advertising) Rules, 1976, as amended vide S.R.O 713(I)/2018 dated 8th June 2018, under 26(1) section 1.5.14 requires that in order to obtain registration/marketing authorization of drug product, a Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) is required to be included in the application dossier. The SmPC is part of drug registration / marketing authorization approval, and its contents can only be changed with the approval of Competent Authority. In this context, Registration Board has deliberated the contents of summary of Product Characteristics for pharmaceutical and biological drug products. This document transforms the decisions and advices of Registration Board into a guidance document for preparation of SmPC with application dossier submission in the CTD module.

The draft guidelines were prepared three years ago and was available on the DRAP’ s website. Stakeholders have submitted their comments on the draft document and accordingly guidelines have been finalized after careful consideration of stakeholder’s comments.

Please click to view the final document, GUIDELINES ON Preparation of Summary of Product Characteristics

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