DRAP Finalized Guidelines on Standards for Establishment of Hospital Pharmacies 

Guidelines on standard for Establishment of Hospital Pharmacies are intended to serve as a basic guide for the provision of pharmacy services in the hospitals within the country. These guidelines outline a set of services that are expected from hospital pharmacy departments and are aimed at ensuring consistent, high-quality pharmacy services across all hospitals, ultimately benefiting patients and the healthcare system as a whole.

The guidelines cover four key areas:

  1. Hospital Pharmacy Operations which include aspects like organizational structure, staffing, resources, policies, and procedures for managing medications from procurement and storage to dispensing and monitoring.
  2. Medicine Use Management where the focus is on optimizing medication use within the hospital. This involves procedures for medication reconciliation, identifying potential issues, and implementing strategies to improve medication effectiveness and avoid medication-related harm.
  3. Quality Improvement with the believe in continuous improvement! These guidelines outline practices for assessing the effectiveness of hospital pharmacy services, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing corrective actions.
  4. Human Resources Development for ensuring a competent and skilled pharmacy workforce is crucial. The guidelines address training and development programs for all pharmacy personnel, from pharmacists to technicians.

These guidelines were uploaded on DRAP website as well as shared with the stakeholder as draft document for their inputs and comments in January 2024. After careful consideration of comments and deliberation through multiple virtual meetings, these guidelines have been finalized and being circulated as a guidance document providing minimum standards for establishment and functioning of hospital pharmacies in the country.