Schedule of Meetings of Clinical Studies Committee (CSC) for the Year 2024

The Clinical Studies Committee (CSC) of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) is mandated under Bio Study Rules 2017 for the regulatory oversight of clinical trials and clinical studies related to therapeutic goods in the country. The CSC reviews and approves clinical study protocols, ensuring they adhere to ethical and scientific standards. It also monitors ongoing clinical trials to assess participant safety and efficacy, makes informed decisions regarding study design, and collaborates with researchers, sponsors, and other stakeholders to ensure quality clinical research and safety of the participants.

The Committee has decided that the CSC meetings will be convened after every 45 days and an annual CSC meeting schedule for 2024 (tentative) has been issued with the aims to enhance transparency, efficiency, and collaboration.

S. No.CSC MeetingProposed Dates
0149th CSC Meeting2nd week of May, 2024
0250th CSC Meeting4th week of June, 2024
0351st CSC Meeting2nd week of August, 2024
0452nd CSC Meeting4th week of September, 2024
0553rd CSC Meeting2nd week of November 2024
0654th CSC Meeting4th week of December, 2024