Date Wise FIFO List of Applications For Provisional Enlistment Of Products Applied By Nutraceutical Firms And Firms Having Herbal/Unani Sections Along With Nutraceutical Sections (FIFO List 2020)

“In continuation to the previous FIFO list uploaded on official website of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan on 29th June, 2021 and after incorporating the responses submitted by the firms within the stipulated time, following is the list of applications received for provisional enlistment of products with the Division of Health & OTC Products, Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, Islamabad under provisions of SRO 412 (I)/2014 dated 27-5-2014. The processing of these applications under provisions of above said SRO will be dealt on First Come First Serve basis as per sequence of R&I date mentioned against each application.

Please note that formulations of all products of respective companies must be forwarded in MS Word & MS Excel Formats (Soft Copy) annexed at the end of this document (Annexure-I) to the official e-mail of Health & OTC Division with the title “M/s…………. FIFO List 2020” within 15 days positively. Soft Formulations should be provided as per data given in Form-3 already submitted with dossier in hard form. Any discrepancy found in the submitted data in soft and hard shall be liable to rejection of the product application.