Notification: Directions of Registration Board on Labeling Requirements of Drug Products to Comply Pharmacopeial Specifications for Dissolution Testing

Registration Board in its 323rd meeting observed that various USP monographs for drug products prescribe more than one dissolution tests and that the pharmacopoeia in such cases recommends that “When more than one Dissolution Test is given, the labeling states the Dissolution Test used only if Test 1 is not used.”

Keeping in the USP labeling requirements narrated above and to comply to the Pharmacopeial specifications, the Board decided as under:

“The manufacturer shall mention the dissolution test Number on the secondary packing / unit carton of product for dissolution tests No 2,3 or 4 as per requirement of USP otherwise it would be presumed that dissolution test No.1 shall be performed on the finished product.”

Accordingly, the decision of Registration Board is circulated for information and compliance by relevant stakeholders / manufacturers.

Notification: Applications for Registrations of Pharmaceutical drugs submitted on Form 5/5D requiring submission of Product Stability Data

Registration Board in 320th meeting held on 29th – 31st August 2022 has issued a direction with regards to the applications received on Form 5 / 5-D for registration of pharmaceutical drugs, which requires submission of stability study data for further processing. The list of such applications is available on official website of DRAP (link).

The decision of Registration Board is notified and attached hereunder for information and compliance by all relevant stakeholders.