Developing National Medicine Policy; Meeting of Technical Working Group on 1-2 August 2023 at Islamabad

National Medicine Policy is a high-level guiding document that outlines the national perspective and strategies to promote health sector for enhancing national capacities with the aim to increase access to and rational use of high quality and affordable medicines and health products in the country.

DRAP has significance role in the development and implementation of National Medicine Policy. As a country, we need to undertake measures to make drugs accessible to our populations and future generations through ensuring high-tech manufacturing capabilities, their proper distribution and having trained professional workforce to prescribe and administer these drugs. With the growing population, our needs for essential drugs are also growing for treating various diseases. To meet the objective, a holistic approach is needed in which all the stakeholders work for ensuring that patients get access to quality assured, safe and effective drugs.

TWG Meeting on National Medicine Policy, 1-2 Aug, 2023 at Islamabad

A National Medicine Policy is a crucial framework which provides strategic directions and guidelines for safe, effective, and accessible use of drugs within a country. It has huge significance as it impacts the public health directly. A well-developed NMP ensures equitable access to essential medicines and contributes to disease management and control.