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The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has been established under the DRAP Act 2012 to provide effective coordination and enforcement of the Drugs Act, 1976 (XXXI of 1976) and to bring harmony in inter-provincial trade and commerce of therapeutic goods.

page updated on 11.11.2015

 Correct version of The Drugs Act, 1976.(Dt.Up.10-11-2015).

 Invitation to BID for Procurement of Pakistan Investment Bonds (Dt.Up.03-11-2015).

NTS Announced Result  (Dt.Up.16-10-2015).

Tender Notice for Pre-Qualification for Hiring of Public Relations and Media Managment Firms (Dt.Up.15-10-2015). Terms of Reference for PR and Media Managment Firms. (Dt.Up.15-10-2015).

Amended DRAP Service Rules (Dt.Up.15-10-2015). DRAP Service Rules (Dt.Up.24-04-2015).

SRO(1)/2015 dated 12-10-2015 Notification regarding Alternate Medicines and Health Products. (Dt.Up.14-10-2015)

Tender Notice for Supply of Stationery and Non-Stationery Miscellnious Items (Dt.Up.05-10-2015)

 DRAP Furniture Procurement Pre-Qualification Document for TF Comfplex Project (Dt.Up.22-09-2015) 

Pre-qualification for Furnishing / Furniture Works (Dt.Up.21-09-2015) 

Submission of Differential Fee and Deficiencies for Submitted Registration Dossiers (Dt.Up.17-09-2015) 

Draft List of Pending Applications for Registration of Biolocal Drugs (Dt.Up.11-09-2015)  

143rd Meeting of the Appellate Board to be held on 29th July, 2015 (Dt.Up.16-07-2015)  

Agenda of DPC meeting scheduled to be held on 28-07-2015 (Dt.Up.15-07-2015) 

Enlistment / Registration as Health & OTC Products (Dt.Up.08-07-2015) 

Preparation of List for Pending Applications of Biological Drugs (Dt.Up.16-06-2015)

PPRA Evaluation Report (Commercial Banking Services) (Dt.Up.12-06-2015)

Seminar on Medical Devices Regulation (Dt.Up.10-06-2015)

SRO 471(I)/2015 of Drugs (Appellate Board) (Dt.Up.29-05-2015)

PPRA Evaluation Report (Interior Designing) (Dt.Up.22-05-2015) 

Revised List of Pending Applications for Price Increase (Dt.Up.07-05-2015)

Corrigendume for Job Advertisement (Dt.Up.29-04-2015) 

DRAP Notification (Dt.Up.28-04-2015)

Job Advertisement  (Dt.Up.24-04-2015) (For any further queries / questions

please contact NTS at http://www.nts.org.pk/contact-us.php)

DRAP Service Rules (Dt.Up.24-04-2015)

Updated List of Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers (Dt.Up.14-04-2015)

List of Pending Applications for Price Increase (Dt.Up.09-04-2015)

EOI Commercial Banking Corrigendum (Dt.Up.07-04-2015)

Tender Notice for EOI Commercial Banking (Dt.Up.30-03-2015)

Tender Notice (Central Drugs Laboratory, Karachi) (Dt.Up.30-03-2015)

Medical Devices Rules, 2015 Approved and Notified on 09-03-2015 (Dt.Up. 13-03-2015)

Drug Pricing Policy, 2015 (Dt.Up. 13-03-2015)

Notification (Priority of Pending Registration Applications) 24-02-15



Final Annual Procurement (27.01.2015) 

Evaluation Report As Per Rule 35 of PP Rules,2014 Dated 05-11-2014

PUBLIC NOTICE (Alternative Medicines) (23-07-2014)

Committee for Disposal of Registration Applications of Public Health Urgency (15-07-14)

List of Pending Registration Applications with Complete Fee (13-06-14)



Public Notice for recall of Phenergan ® Elixir (Promethazine HCI). Batch #WL 111 of Sanofi-aventis Pakistan limited Karachi.

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